Womens Conference

June 6, 2020 

Cherry Hill Library 

1100 Kings Hwy N,

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Ready to level up your life? This is the first official SHE HUSTLES badass women’s conference to inspire and motivate you to pursue your goals and dreams. At this event you will learn how to better your life physically and mentally. 


1. How to take care of yourself mentally 

2. How to get in the best shape of your life without being on a diet

3. How to shut off the noise around you to be present 

4. How to eliminate your debt 

5. How to organize your life and stay productive to reach your goals

6. All fitness level workout 

7. Meditation Session 

8. Breath work sessions

..........& SO MUCH MORE 



Jasyra Santiago Hines is a wife, registered nurse, cannabis consultant, reiki healer, podcaster, personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, author, speaker and social media influencer. She was born and raised in North Philadelphia. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Nursing from Neumann University (2010) and pursued a graduate degree from LaSalle University for studies in Anesthesia. In 2014 her love & passion for fitness, nutrition and women empowerment really grew through social media. In 2016, she decided to become her own boss, eliminated 72K of her student loan debt and started to help women look good naked and manage their anxiety and depression naturally as the founder and CEO of LoveFit LLC. Today, Jasyra lives a life by design leading women to do the same.




Yolanda Russell is a 35 year old burned out nurse from Southern Maryland She began a journey in fitness with a network marketing company and is now a stay at home dog Mom and podcaster. Yolanda is a Life + Mindset Coach for childfree women, helping them build confidence to live life unapologetically--real, raw, and free!



Cara is a wife, mom to a 13 year old stepson, 4 year old daughter, 2 year old son, and a woman of God.

She works as a mom empowerment coach and her mission is to provide woman with the tools, resources, and community to reach their goals, empower themselves, find their happiness and live a life by design. She does this via her blog, podcast, virtual community groups, and e-courses that help women learn to balance their lives, finances, schedules, health, and themselves!



Hey, I’m Lindsay. I’m a big city girl fueled by La Colombe coffee, Superfoods, and a bad-ass pair of workout leggings. ’m a Functional Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach, meaning I help busy, frustrated women to get fit on the inside so they can accomplish everything they want on the outside. I’m almost always in #allblackeverything and I’m obsessed with challenging the status quo and finding simple solutions to achieve optimal health. I spend way too much money on wellness, non-toxic beauty products, self-improvement and unique shoes (as long as i find a coupon code), but who doesn’t, right?

I’m a wanderlusting foodie and you can normally catch me walking my fur baby @sumithejindo around town or torturing my tech-obsessed hubby to take better care of himself. 



Katina is a marathon runner who has transformed her life with the power of yoga. She is a Reiki Healer, 200 hour yoga teacher and now Kundalini teacher. 

Tamika Jones


Tamika Jones is a dynamic speaker, coach, and licensed social worker with a specialization in mental health.  For years, Tamika worked for the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency, where she was praised for her ability to engage and transform the lives of clients.


Tamika helps her clients by becoming their vision partner, helping them breakthrough roadblocks, build self-confidence, and transform their mindset so they can reach their goals and become the highest vision of themselves.  As the youngest of six children and the first child to graduate, Tamika is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. 

If you're looking for a speaker who is powerful and magnetic, then look no further. Her expertise, combined with her experience, delivers an exciting mixture of personable and practical inspiration that leaves an impact. Tamika will inspire your audience every single time and leave everyone with actionable steps to transform their lives.  She is a graduate of the University of Maryland.



Allie is a wife, registered nurse and Money Mentor who has eliminated 44K of her debt in 18 months. After seeing how she was able to take control of her finances she now teaches others to do the same. 

Jenell Consorti 


Jenell Consorti is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, a certified Hungry for Happiness Coach, and a Pause Breathwork Facilitator. She helps women overcome emotional trauma and create internal connection. She is effective at facilitating sustainable transformation with her clients through mind-body centered healing.

Follow her on IG: @thejenellconsorti