She believed she could so she did....


Jasyra Santiago Hines is a wife, registered nurse, reiki healer, podcaster, personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, author, cannabis consultant, speaker and social media influencer. She was born and raised in North Philadelphia. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Nursing from Neumann University (2010) and pursued a graduate degree from La Salle University for studies in Anesthesia. In 2014 her love & passion for fitness, nutrition, natural remedies and women empowerment really grew through social media. In 2016, she decided to become her own boss, eliminated 72K of her student loan debt and started to help women look good naked and manage their anxiety and depression naturally as the founder and CEO of LoveFit LLC, She Hustles and Fit Mind Body Blueprint. Today, Jasyra lives a life by design leading women to do the same.



April 2012 I felt fat, depressed and ashamed filled with Anxiety. My boyfriend now husband kept hinting me to go to the gym but I refused and told him the only way I would go to the gym was if I ate donuts after. My eating habits were horrible only ate 2 times a day with a ton of fast foods and eating late because of my crazy nurse shifts.

One day I woke up and something clicked I guess because I was just fed up of feeling the way I did. I decided to make a change in my life and ordered a home workout program which one of my very good college friends told me about. Once I got the program my husband was there pushing me everyday to get it done. I successfully completed the crazy 60 day program and got some good results even though my nutrition still sucked. I am not going to lie it was so hard. I couldn't breathe, rarely could jump or do a push up and I even threw up on my 3rd day. But after completing  program I felt amazing so I decided to keep going and started another home workout program with a meal replacement, fixed my eating and got better results. When I started drinking my meal replacement I noticed a huge difference to my energy levels, immune system and even sleep patterns. I was no longer fatigued and tired during my 12 hour shifts and all my sickness from constant colds went away. It then became addicting and I wanted more for me, my health and body.

I then became an online personal trainer  because I knew that it would keep me more accountable to my goals because I had people watching me. I started to fall in love with coaching and inspiring other women to join me.  Nursing continued to give me Anxiety and became a huge burden to my life. Walking through those hospital doors gave me panic attacks and I never wanted to experience that ever again. So I decided to work towards the goal of eliminating my debt and retiring Nursing so be able to help more women like me. 


Never would I have ever imagined I would be a full-time online mental health and personal trainer when I started, but I am blessed to be where I am today because I wanted more for my life. I am officially 35 lbs lighter, Nursing school loan DEBT FREE 72K eliminated to be exact, I travel the world often and a Retired Nurse at the age of 27. I now dabble into many entrepreneur projects and excited to continue to inspire women to be their best selves.