Love The Skin You're in Magazine was created through Jasyra's failures of becoming a cover model. For the past 3 years Jasyra has fought hard to get her body as lean as it can be to get on the cover of a few known magazines. The fitness industry is extremely competitive and women like Jasyra are underrepresented on any Fitness Magazine. Jasyra has lost a total of 5 times on becoming a cover model for magazines such as Oxygen, Strong and Muscle and Fitness Hers. With the frustration of losing, Jasyra decided that she wanted to create an opportunity for women like herself. Women who have the dream to be on the cover but want an equal opportunity on earning the cover. January 2020, Love the Skin You’re In will have its first cover model challenge and it will be open to all women of all fitness levels, ages and cultures.  



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