Healing Crystals Experience

I have been dealing with a lot of insecurities, anxiety and negative vibes. I have been soul searching and now really into holistic living. I have started yoga. meditation, essential oils, positive affirmation, reiki and now I even have a life coach. With all this I was still struggling and wondering what else is out there for me to try. A friend from high school introduced me to crystals and I was totally open to giving it a try although all of this stuff use to weird me out and use to think it was bogus.

6/2/17 I checked out my first crystal shop called Mineralism on South street in Philadelphia. When I walked in the door and approached the crystals in a clear glass jar I instantly felt light headed. I asked my husband if he felt the same and he said no. Then I thought to myself maybe its all in my head. I asked the store owner some questions on what crystals should I start with for anxiety. I had already had Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my hand and she said those were a great start. Clear Quartz is the master healer and Black Tourmaline is for protection. She then told me sage and Selenite would also be a good starter kit so I decided to go home wot those 4 things only costing about $17 dollars. As I walked out the door with my goodies I still had that light headed feeling and a weird feeling in my heart. Once I got home I decided to add myself to a Crystal Healing FB group and talk to my friend about my experience. After talking to a few people they said the light headedness is a good thing. That the energy of the crystals were so strong that I was feeling all the goodness of them. Its now only been 3 days with the crystals and I feel like I do feel protected. Crazy about these crystals are that as a child I actually had a facinaion with collecting rocks, stones and crystals. This just seems like a crazy sign that its meant for me to get back to this.

I have decided to take the crystals where ever I go and place them on my night stand while I sleep. I attended a baby shower yesterday and while the room was very cold to others I was actually warm. I thought that was so weird because I'm normally extremely cold even with a sweater and this time I didn't even have a sweater. Last thing I wanted to share was that I had a friend in my childhood that we have not talked for 2 years due to some differences during my wedding year 2015. I decided to be the bigger person that day and say I was sorry and told her I missed her. I felt a release of tension and I now feel better that I don't have to worry about those feeling anymore. Ill keep you all updated on my crystals. I have ordered a few to add to my collection which should arrive this week which will help with my back pain.

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