Team Beachbody Summit Preparation List

Team Beachbody Summit is an amazing event and the highlight of our year as coaches. We get to celebrate, learn, and grow together as a family. Summit is exciting, but can be overwhelming, so here are some things to better help you prepare.

Download the Summit App – each year Beachbody Corporate puts out an app (simply search for it in your App Store) which has the most up to date information, maps, agendas, speakers, and more. Also, it will alert you if any changes to the schedule are made while you are there so the summit app is a must for your home screen!

  1. Wear your Wristbands – Once you register on site (higher level coaches are sent their registration materials in advance) you will be given a packet that includes things like party invites, ribbons, and wristbands. These wristbands are VITAL to wear and NEVER TAKE OFF. They are how you get into the CORE (shopping experience) as well as the workshops, workouts, general sessions and celebrations. Just think of your wristband collection as a cool souvenir and accessory throughout the week.

  2. Bring a stapler or tape for your ribbons – you may have seen coaches wearing these long badges with tons of ribbons on them. So cool, and each year definitely your goal is to gain more ribbons. However, the sticky tape on them can often be not so sticky, so I like to staple mine together to ensure I don’t lose a ribbon through the hustle and bustle of the week.

  3. Bring an empty water bottle – hydration is KEY, but we all know that buying water bottles on site at any event can be costly. Pack an empty water bottle with you and fill your water at stations that will be set up in the various locations.

  4. Find a store near your hotel where you can buy snacks and water. Your days will be long and you will want to be armed with proper nutrition at affordable prices.

  5. Save room for the CORE apparel when you pack. There is so much amazing new wear and share gear at the CORE that if your suitcase is already stuffed when you get to summit, you will have no room for shopping. No cash in the core on debt/credit cards. Be sure to cal your bank for a travel pass.

  6. What to pack: sneakers, comfortable shoes, workout clothes, clothes for parties, sweater, socks/underwear, chargers/portable charger, notebook, pen, LoveFit shirt, shakeology, snacks, sunglasses, bathing suit if you are there for extra days, PD for plane, laptop to work after sessions, debt card, id, sunscreen, backback, hygiene stuff (shampoo, soap, hair spray, shaver, deodorant, perfume)

  7. Wear your #iamteambeachbody shirt on Thursday to open session.

  8. Wear your LoveFit Summit Shirt to the super workout. We will take a team picture on that day. If you don’t have a LoveFit Summit Shirt, then feel free to wear any team shirt.

  9. Be sure to have “joined” the Dare 2 Dream summit group to stay on the loop of what is going on as far as luncheon and team photo.

  10. Please tag all your photos and videos with the hashtag #LoveFittakesNOLA so we can easily see what everyone is posting.

  11. Be purposeful with your social media. Remember, you don’t have to post everything while you are there. Post 2-3 things per day that really excite you and be sure to ADD VALUE to the post. Then save the other content for after summit. Remember, you want people to be inspired by this trip, not annoyed.

  12. Be sure to bring an portable charger with you or at least an extra cable, because chances are you will run out of charge on your devices during the day.

  13. Take copious notes. Then, each night when you get back to your room, re-read your notes and re-write them.

  14. Please remember to have fun, BUT, that this is a work trip. You are a business owner. Represent yourself in the best way possible. Make smart choices and decisions.

  15. Pack enough Shakeology so you can have your shake every day. They will sell Shakeology on site, however, the lines are long, and I like to drink my shake the way I like to drink my shake.

  16. Shakeology Balls are super handy to have on hand. I freeze mine so they last until I get to my hotel.

All in all, HAVE FUN! This event is a game-changer for your business!

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