Oc3 Challenge Week 5

Wow week 5 is complete I am almost half way done my challenge. I was in New Orleans for 5 days of this challenge. I was so afraid at first to mess up my meal plan but I did so well. I woke up early to get may workouts done and made smart choices while I was there. I accomplished the goal of not having any fried foods or desserts. I prepped my breakfast and snacks and choose grilled chicken and veggies for all my other meals. Only meal that wasn't gluten free was my Arepa but it was so delicious and at least had grilled chicken and veggies, I am so proud of me getting through travel without going crazy.

Week 5 Results: I decided not to take measurements or weigh myself from now on just pictures.

Heres is my week 5 overview of food and workouts. I didn't change what I ate because I enjoyed it all. Just added some different treats.


Apple pie overnight Oats

Lunch or Dinner was Shakeology depending how busy I was in New Orleans for Training or veggies and chicken


Banana Muffins & Coconut with cranberry Cookies

Dinner Colombian Arepa

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