My crazy journey to lose 30lbs

This girl you see was unhappy, depressed, lost, ashamed, and disappointed. Still to this day it's actually hard looking at this picture because I'm mad that I let myself get to that level. But this girl you see ate 2 meals a day, fast food was her specialty and gym was a curse word. Her excuses were I'm tired, I'm not hungry, I'll start tomorrow, and the list goes on. Then one day something hit her and she realized she wasn't getting any younger and being unhappy was just no fun. She also knew that no one else can do it for her. 2012 she started her journey to learn how to eat better and exercise. She tried the gym, wraps, pills, gels, shredz, teas, even 100 calorie snacks. These were all quick fixes which obviously did not work. Finally she ran into some home workouts and a dense nutrition shake providing her all the guidance and support she needed to get results. BOOM finally results came and today I am stronger than ever and 35lbs lighter. The journey isn't easy and it will certainly be trial and error but i promise you if you don't give up you will find something that will work for you but remember it will take pure dedication and consistency. Learning to say no to those temptations and not giving up. Be your own motivator. Make things happen. Take action

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