Mental illness is REAL

This month has been mentally draining and this is my first time sharing this due to fear but wanted to be transparent and show you all I am human and not perfect. With not reaching a big percentage of my goals this year my motivation has been shot. I have been mentally struggling with everything and nothing seems to be going right.

I found myself back in that depression/anxiety state that I dealt with a few years ago. All I have been wanting to do is sleep and eat bad food. Did I ever tell you that food was comfort for me when I had a bad day at work as a nurse? It's been really hard to get myself out of this horrible mood and I never want to be that person that shows on social media that life is so great but mentally I'm drowning. I always want to be that inspiration to you all but sometimes I need a pick me up too. Dealing with mental illness is extremely hard and it seems like once you are exposed it always tries to creep back into my life. But this to shall pass. It's important to express your feelings when things like this happen and this is why I share this with you.

One positive thing that I can say is that I have better control of my eating habits, a healthy addiction to working out and woman to mentor which has helped me pull through these tough few weeks. Thankfully coaching has helped me connect with other ladies who deal with mental illness which helps to have someone to talk to who truly understands what your going through. God has his plans for me I just need to remain patient

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