My weight loss story

I remember the disgust and sadness in my eyes all hiding behind the smile pretending that I loved myself. I spent countless of hours crying saying negative things to myself. Why am I so fat? I had gained 30lbs from the stress of being a nurse and not putting my self first. I honestly used food as my comfort. Any time I had a bad day at work I needed an extra Mountain Dew and a unhealthy dinner once I clocked out at 7:23pm and ran out of those hospital doors. Fast food, junk food and cafeteria food was the only food I consumed and only ate 2 meals a day of I was lucky to sit down to have lunch. There were many times I skipped out of lunch because my unit was just too hectic and with my anxiety I couldn't leave anything undone. I don't know what clicked in my head to finally do something about it instead of continuing to be angry at myself but I made a change in May of 2012 and started to at least workout consistently at home than I learned how to eat and was introduced to a superfood shake that had contributed to my amazing results. My journey has been a roller coaster but each year gets even better as I learn more about self care and educate myself more about fitness and nutrition.

Today I am in the best shape of my life. Seriously I have never looked this good in my teenager years I am now 29. Moral to this story is that you have the power to change. It will never be easy but is sure as hell worth it. If your ready for a change I want to help 10 ladies this month start their Journey. Email me at I'm ready. Must be in the USA, U.K. PR or Canada

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