8 Years as a RN licensed

Cheers to 8 years of being a licensed professional as a registered nurse. I officially practiced nursing for 7 years in one hospital. I worked in med surg, mricu and ended my career in the nicu. June 2016 I decided to retire nursing to pursue my fitness business full time that I created in May of 2013. When I started my nursing career in 2010 I struggled to find a job for 9 months and was in 72k of debt. When I first got my job I was so excited but my excitement dwindled quickly and to be honest my first year of nursing I was already starting to feel burnt out. 12 crazy draining long hours where I was helping people who didn't want to be helped. I got cursed at, hit at and even water thrown in my face. Every day I had to wake up for my shift I would cry inside. It's not what I signed up for. I wanted to help people and i didn't feel like I was making an impact. With the amount of stress, depression and anxiety I was experiencing I gained about 30lbs and I was missing my family tremendously on holidays. May if 2012 I introduced to home workout programs and as I started my journey I finally found my purpose. I was transforming physically/mentally and I started helping other ladies just like me. I never thought I would ever quit nursing because when I signed up as a fitness coach I just enjoyed the community of being around other people and discount on my products but as the years went on I saw the huge opportunity to make a huge impact and I finally found a way out of a career I was unsatisfied with. I wasn't happy as a nurse. I was way past miserable and having my fitness business on the side is what helped me get through most of my nursing career. Now you get why I left? It's been the best decision for me and my family and it's been a true blessing. Through my 4 years of coaching I eliminated 72k of debt, retired at 27, earned many trips around the world and most importantly own my schedule. Are you unhappy with the life you live today? Know that it's never too late to change and it doesn't hurt to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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