Does GOD have your back?

So as you all know it's been a few months since I made the commitment to go to church and get closer to god because it's something my life was missing. My experience at bethel has been amazing. I attend consistently with my husband. I Attend a young woman's group and even host my own fitness classes. I'm practically in church 3x a week which is huge.

Now let's rewind back to why I stopped going to church. I would say the biggest reason was the pressure of not having the option to choose if I wanted to go or not. I was brought up catholic and even went to catholic school but I felt extremely disconnected and never was into my faith until now

As I now attend a woman's group we go over many life experiences and bible stories that pertain to our lives. I honestly never actually read the Bible because I never understood it. I would say the years of me going to church as a child I never comprehended or even listened. What I love about bethel is that each pastor explains the stories and shares their struggles. Today I'm learning so many stories and scriptures that have been helping me a ton.

I recently said to myself that I wanted to get a bible that broke down all the stories for me because I felt embarrassed when someone talks about a story I have no idea what there talking about. As my husband and I went to visit my mother in law the topic of us going to church came up and oddly enough my mother in law has the exact bible that I wanted and now it's in my possession. Have you ever thought that god has your back? Well here is an example that he does. He knows my every thought and he finds a way to speak to me so that I stay focused on believing when there are times I lose faith.

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