My Cheat Meal Secrets

Can you believe I ate one 10inch Gluten free pizza, 50% of dominos cheesy bread, 2 deluxe cookies, one normal size cookie and 2 bag of Doritos from wawa? That's over 4440 calories, over 2140mg of sodium and over 120gm of sugar. My normal daily intake 6 days a week are around 1500 calories, under 20 gm of sugar and under 1000mg of sodium. The average woman should not go over 2000mg of sodium and 50gm of sugar. Sugar packs on the lbs and sodium retains water which bloats you.

Nutrition is all about the 80/20 rule. I have finally found the secret to enjoying cheat meals and not totally sabotaging my results. Not that I'm saying it's ok to eat the amount of food I did 😂 it's NOT 🤷🏻‍♀️

But Would you like to know what the secret is?Good ole exercise and portion control with a little shot of superfoods. I eat 100% healthy Monday through Saturday. I workout 6 days a week 30 mins cardio and about 40 mins of weight lifting and I instruct 2 classes a week.

Now for those of you saying that's a lot I don't have that kind of time. YES you do. I use to work 12 hour shifts 3-4 days out of the week and was in graduate school for anesthesia while balancing being a wife and business owner. I made that shit work, I worked out for an hour at 9pm. I prepped all my foods for the week on the day that I had off and I stopped my excuses and made time.

Did I tell you that we even have 30 min workout plans? We even have workouts you can do with your children. Don't get me started with I don't have the money 😒 when I just seen you purchase a $1000 iPhone 10; it's about your priorities. I guess technology makes you happier than looking in the mirror and loving yourself.

Yeah I have an answer to all your excuses so don't give me that non sense this Monday morning 😂 tough love for you today but remember I do this because I love you all 😂

Get your ass up and do something about the weight you keep complaining about.

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