Do you suffer from emotional eating?

Ever dealt with emotional eating?

Welcome to the world of Jasyra. I was a huge emotional eater, food was my comfort when I was depressed and had a bad day at work. Its the reason why I gained 30lbs during my nursing career. Nursing is a very high intense stressful place to be in. It can drive anyone to eat and drink 😂 No but all jokes aside seriously it does. I didn't know how to deal with my struggles other than just eat the foods that gave me happiness. It took me a while to win the battle but I want to tell you its possible.

Wonder how I got myself out of it controlling me? Creating healthy habits and being consistent in eating right, working out and working on my insides with personal development. Working on your inside is the most important part of starring your health journey. If you don't have the right mind set you will never reach any goal you set out to do. Don't get me wrong I still have emotional eating tendencies but I leave it for my treat meals instead of making it a routine to eat bad every single time I'm having a bad day. Life will never be perfect. we all will still have bad days. So now its time to create healthy habits for those bad days because if you let food control your emotions you will still be looking in the mirror hating the body your in.


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