Are you WORTH it?

Woooooo look at that progress. Sometimes I even amaze myself. Staying dedicated and committed is extremely hard especially when life just wants to bring you down. Know what I mean?

I'm here to tell you that you can do it no matter what. I have been 30lbs over weight, stressed to the max because of a nursing career I didn't love, in an intense graduate program to be a #crna and deep into debt. I had many reasons to be derailed of my train to success and trust me I wasn't perfect but fitness has been the only thing in life that I had any control of. I choose to make time to workout and eat healthy for my sanity. And the benefits of being health have truly been worth it because it got me through a lot of my tough times.

I know when life happens your fitness is the first thing you throw out the window but honestly fitness is what you should focus on even more when times get hard. You stop working out guess what you will be even more stressed because you have no energy and you gained even more weight this time around and don't let me get started on restarted your fitness journey. That shit is even harder than the first time. So stop with the excuses I have no time, I have no money, healthy food is expensive, my kids don't let me, I got a new job etc. All that is a bunch of BS. If you wanted it bad enough you would make time and prioritize your money just like you do when you want that shiny new iPhone or see Beyoncé in concert. Do you want it bad enough?

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