Fill your cup in the morning

People wonder why I wake up at 5am everyday; well I like to reset my mind and soul and fill up my cup before I can go on social media to help others in need. I use this time to plan my day because It's important to be intentional and purposeful in your life in order to see your vision and the path that god has for you.

Before I start my day I open up with prayer and meditation while laying out my chakras stones. I then journal about my previous day that may include my thoughts, struggles, wins and gratitudes. This helps to release all the negativity and tension that may be going on in my life because not everyday is perfect. After that I either open up my study bible or read some personal growth self help books. This has helped me with the path I am on now and has been game changer in my life. I then workout and open up my planner/Asana to tackle my day.

You may be thinking like I don't have time to do all that but you sure do. This all just takes me 30 mins or less. I see many people spend so much time just scrolling social media or playing those wasteful time consuming games or even binge watching Netflix shows. You got time so let's be be intentional with your time and do your life a favor by being PRODUCTIVE and doing things that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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