The struggles of being a Nurse during the Holidays

👉🏼Shoutout to my fellow nurses and anyone else working the holidays 👈🏼

As the holidays are approaching I am reminded by the many years I have missed holiday family get togethers because I had to work a 12 hour shift as a nurse. Because I was young and didn't have any children I was always put on the schedule to work a lot of the holidays and it really broke my ❤because I really missed my family. With seven years of nursing I can probably count on one hand how many holidays I actually got to stay home. This really burned me inside and I really thought to myself this is not the life I want. As I was transforming physically I was becoming more confident in what I really wanted in life. I built a side fitness business while I was a full-time nurse and going to school to be a cRNA. As I started falling in love with fitness I knew that this was what I wanted to do full-time and it would allow me to enjoy life so much more with the freedom that I deserved.

This year is a 2️⃣ year celebration that I have been able to celebrate every single holiday with my family. It's funny because I have been asked about 5x today if I work this thanksgiving. I'm like hell no I work for myself now. ✌🏼 The countless of hours that I work my business to help transform and mentor other woman has been 100% worth it.

To all my nurses out there who have to work these holidays coming up

you are freaking awesome because we all know how hard it is to be away from family. If you're tired like I was missing moments with your family let's talk. I would be happy to explain the opportunity to change my life.

⭐️Happy holidays

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