Anxiety does not Control YOU

So just a little over three years ago I made the decision to take an instructing class to become certified for insanity but with my anxiety I actually had no intentions in hosting my own classes. My very supportive husband actually came with me and got certified as well and when I told him that I didn't want to instruct he was like what you're going to do it.

I was so scared because I'm so socially awkward, I hate public speaking and I have social anxiety. If my husband didn't push me to actually do classes I probably wouldn't have done it but I am thankful that he believed in me because now I absolutely love instructing. There is this amazing feeling that you get when you're helping someone reach their health and fitness goals.

So if you are from the Philly area come check my classes out I have classes on Tuesdays and classes on Saturdays. For more information send me a email at

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