Nurse to Entrepreneur

I would have never expected my life to be like this. Relaxing on a weekday, watching full house while I am getting my online Boot Camp set up for December. I went to nursing school for four years and went for my masters to become a crna. I thought that nursing was going to be my career forever until I got introduced to online fitness coaching.

Each year as a staff nurse I became even more miserable. I stuck It out for seven years and tried many different units to find happiness. I just could no longer deal with the long stressful 12 hour shifts, missing my family, and not being appreciated. There are many times that I walked into the hospital doors wanting to just crawl into a ball and cry and there are other times that I wanted to run out the hospital and never come back. This definitely was not healthy for me; I was anxious, depressed and ready for a change. I can say that fitness absolutely saved my life. Not only getting myself into shape but Being able to help others gave me an opportunity Travel several times a year, pay for the most amazing destination wedding, pay for my masters classes, eliminate 72k of student loan debt and even retire nursing at 27.

It was an extremely scary decision to leave nursing but honestly has been the best decision I

have ever made for my health and family.

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