The shake that changed my LIFE

About five years ago I was the girl who ate like crap. Fast food literally every day especially after my 12 hour shift. I was extremely sluggish and always tired. I was depressed filled with anxiety and not loving my body. I got introduced to a shake that at first I totally did not want to try. My thoughts were I want to actually eat my food not drink it. I’m not a shake girl and I don’t want to pay for that. But I was literally at my breaking point in 2012 so I decided to give it a try and I’m definitely not disappointed. Because of the shake I have has helped me...

❤️Lose 30lbs ❤️Have tons of energy ❤️Haven’t been sick for five years not even a stuffy nose ❤️My hair grows like crazy ❤️My nails are long and strong ❤️I look like a 18-year-old LOL well that’s what people say ❤️I have no problem pooping FYI nothing is TMI for a nurse ❤️ it helps me take in five servings of vegetables because you know this girl hates vegetables ❤️ It also has enough vitamins instead of having to swallow those horse pills ❤️ It’s only five dollars a day versus a $10 salad

Seriously I can go on forever why I drink this shake. You ever seen that commercial where it says all the prices of things and then in the end it says priceless. That’s literally how I feel about this shake. it has done so much for me and my body that its totally priceless. I hear a lot of excuses of I can’t afford healthy food or I can’t afford the shakes but come on it’s only $5 a day just about the same as a happy meal at McDonald’s or a cup of coffee at Starbucks. It’s really all about priorities so really think to yourself is your Health a priority?

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