Overeating Problems

Congratulations jasyra you are having a .....sike it’s a good ole food 🥘baby this is just severe bloat from unhealthy meals. My body is so use to healthy eating that when I eat anything out of my routine I bloat really bad and it’s really uncomfortable.

I’m here to show you that I am Human and I enjoy food 🍕🍪🍟 too only difference is I know how to get myself back and I never skipped a workout 🏋🏻‍♀️. I gained about 12 lbs since my oxygen challenge. Most of the weight right now is just water retention which will go down drastically in a few days of eating better but I definitely have been over indulging these past few days. I’m not one of those fitness girls that only shows you the results. I show you what’s REAL and I do love food too. Now that I got it all out of my system I’m ready to get my lean body back because being this bloated it just no fun. I’m so ready for my 80 day challenge.

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