Excuses are LAME

Excuses are LAME....

The constant excuses i hear daily I’m tired I’m broke / it’s too much money I have no time I’m too old I got kids I don’t want to drink shakes Eating healthy is expensive

Blah blah blah...STOP....

Your excuses come from not making yourself a priority.

Tired? Yes your tired but if you would eat better you will have more energy

Broke? It’s too much? Stop spending money on eating out, drinking, getting your hair and nails done monthly or even going to concerts. I think your health is more worth it

No time? Stop spending time scrolling FB/IG. Stop bingeing on Netflix. if you have time to read my entire post you have time to workout.

Your too old? My 53 year old mother slays all day every day. She has tendinitis and has had 2 knee surgeries but she doesn’t make excuses. She does all the workouts I do and she has the drive to try her best. She was scared to go a handstand but she tried and nailed it. I’m proud to be her daughter and I get my passion and drive from her.

I got kids? Practically everyone does and I know boss moms who make thing happen with young twins. Don’t make your children your excuse they should be the reason

Dont drink shakes? But you rather put chemicals into your body everyday and fast food that has no nutritional value? My shake has vitamins, minerals, fruits, veggies and superfoods that help with energy, cravings, clear skin, anti aging, digestion and more. Your fast food is only going to make you gain even more weight. You have to benefit eating mcDonald’s

Healthy food expensive? No it’s not you just don’t know where to shop.

Now what’s your excuse?

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