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After graduating college I thought I had my entire life together. Becoming an RN and starting my career was exciting but after a few years of the same ole stressful situation I got burnt out and was ready for a change. I refused to be that 60 year old nurse still working as a staff nurse unable to fully do the job because of my age. Maybe that’s extreme to you But with my seven years of nursing I have seen so many nurses that did not love their job and just kept doing it because of a paycheck. Or nurses or sign up for so much overtime because they couldn’t afford their lifestyle. I refused to be that nurse so I decided to find another career that I was passionate about but was able to have the freedom to do what I want and be able to control my income. June 2018 will be 2 years of retiring nursing and becoming full time entrepreneur. Tired of your situation? Do something about it. You are capable of more.

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