Stop being judgmental

You know how many people are in my inbox judging me because I follow Jesus, collect crystals, oils, do yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ and meditate? It’s sad that so many people take the Bible so literal. Did you know a human being wrote the Bible and every religion created their own rules? Ever since I got baptized and started following my spiritual journey with these practices I have been a more positive person and have been so blessed. I feel closer to God then ever before. I attend church faithfully on Saturdays, I host my own group at church ⛪ I read the Bible and pray daily, and I even go to a woman’s ministry bible study monthly. I probably do way more than those who are judging me which is crazy 😜 right? if you have nothing nice to say and want to say that I am a sinner for what I am doing keep your comments to yourself ✌🏻 God accepts everyone for who they are

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