5 Year Anniversary

Today is a SPECIAL DAY... It's a day that I sometimes forget & have to verify... It's a day that was TERRIFYING... It's a day that completely CHANGED MY LIFE.. Today is the day that marks 5 years since I slid behind a computer, grabbed the credit card dropped $160 and took a leap of faith. Today is my 5 year Beachbody Anniversary and who would have thought working out, drinking shakeology, reading amazing books and sharing my story would take me where I am today..

What was true in that moment: 🔺 I was afraid & nervous 🔺 I didn't know what was ahead 🔺 I had no clue if I would be successful 🔺 I was worried what other people would think of me 🔺 I could NOT afford $100 a month on a "shake" 🔺 I had to make some changes no matter what my fears 🔺I started my journey with Insanity, Chocolate shakeology and the Compound Effect ___________________________________________ What I know NOW: ⭐️ Fear & feelings of being uncomfortable make change ⭐️ A leap of faith goes a LONG way ⭐️ Believing in yourself first is bigger than what others think ⭐️ A journey of change is like a roller coaster ⭐️ Having hopes, dreams & goals is NOT silly __________________________________________ What has changed in 5 years: 💟 NO LONGER Depressed, Stressed, Unhappy, Hating job and Drowning in debt, ---> 72K debt GONE ...RETIRED Nurse at 27..100k earner...Wedding and grad school paid in full 💟 More aware of the way I treat my body, feed my body, know what goes in & how it affects me & how I can change & put myself back "together" ------> 35 lbs down and leaner than EVER 💟 Building our dreams as a family: taking FREE vacations to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, & Bahamas and creating memories 💟 Creating some of the strongest bonds & friendships with ladies across the country I would never have met in another "lifetime" 💟 Stronger, happier, grateful....

5 years... Yes it's taken longer for me than others, no things aren't always as I plan, yes it can be an uphill battle, no it doesn't happen overnight.... I wouldn't change a single thing about the night 5 years ago that I took a chance to do something that would just "help us out with bills a little bit"... 😂 I'm grateful to have this platform to share my life with you - and I just hope that if you have a feeling of hopelessness or there's no "end" in sight... That you trust your gut & leap! 💖

Interested in what I do? Message me ASAP or comment below... ____________________________________________ ****Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Beachbody Coach Business Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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