June 11 2007 I said yes to be this guys girlfriend.

Here’s our story.... We first met on a Friday afternoon after our classes ended in front of the Bachman building of our university waiting for Septa to go home for the weekend. I was introduced to Rajohn by one of my friends; her name is Donna who use to attend HS with him. When I first laid eyes on him I was like hmm he’s cute 😂 So we got on the bus together then on the train and we talked about dorm life since he was a commuter then we said goodbye and went on our way.

Then on our Christmas break I got a message on my myspace 😂 on how I did with my semester. Of course I was an A and B student then he requested a tutor. I asked him how was his grades and he told me A and Bs 😏 So I told him he didn’t need me as a tutor 😂 I then thought to myself this guy is so corny 🤣 After our break ended he moved into the dorms and we found our selves having English together. He pulled my hair in class and I guess the rest is history 🤣 We spend basically all night talking everyday in the common area of our dorms and our first date was to qdoba's and a walk in the park downtown pictured below 😍

From 18 years of age to 30 we still are holding on strong.

June 12 2015

3 years ago today we had an amazing symbolic ceremony on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. Before Rajohn I never thought about marriage. I was never that girl who pre planned her wedding 👰🏻 at the age of 12 lol. But When I met Rajohn I simply knew he was the one. I knew so much that I was actually the first to kiss him 🤷🏻‍♀️ shocker right 🤣

I never met a man who was faithful, supporting and number one never leave my side no matter how crazy I get or what I did to self sabotage. I remember him telling me one day that he would be the man who will be with me forever because I had a father who left me at a young age, a painful previous relationship and lost the only father figure in my life senior year of college. He stuck to his word.

It’s me and you forever just us two.

....Rajohn Hines

PS...As I write this the tears are flowing down my face. I also would love to see where I can wear my wedding dress again lol

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