Get off that Elliptical boo and lift some damn weights.

Get off that Elliptical boo and lift some damn weights.

When I first started my journey all I did was cardio because it’s all I knew. I thought If i would do cardio for an hour everyday and try some machines in the gym that I had no clue to use 😂 I would get that bottle shape nice booty body I wanted.

I was WRONG AF. You know that picture you look at and you say YAS “goal body” I bet you a million dollars she lifts weights and knows exactly what she’s doing in the gym and fueling her body with the right foods not MCDonald’s.

It’s ok not to know what to do your not a fitness expert but I don’t want you to waste your money in a gym and expect to get the results you want with your unplanned routine and horrible diet. Invest in yourself and get some help. Stop making excuses that you can’t afford it because deep down inside you can. I seen you posting that you was in the club drinking. How much did that cost you for one night? Or your about to get that new iPhone that’s releasing in September. 😂 Boo stop playing yourself and just invest in YOU so that you can stop looking in the mirror hating the person you become. I use to be that girl so it’s ok for me to make you realize that your priorities are out of whack.

If your ready to invest in you I’m looking for 5 ladies to personally get the results that I have earned. You ready boo? Comment below, message me or complete the app below. I’m looking for serious inquires only. You know I’m not here to play and games and NO it’s not free is a gym free 😂 NO but I can bet you my plan is cheaper and gives you all you need to get that body you want.

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