30 AF

Funeral for my youth 💀 I am officially 30 and my 20s are over. Many people are afraid to hit this milestone but I am completely ready.

My 20s were amazing but I expect my 30s to be magical

1. 21 I graduated nursing school and became a registered nurse 👩🏻‍⚕️ 2. 22 I got my first nursing job 3. 23 I bought a home 4. 24 I lost all my unhealthy weight 5. 25 I got married 6. 26 I made the decision to be my own boss 7. 27 I quit nursing and eliminated 72k of nursing student loan debt. 8. 28 got certified to be a personal trainer 9. 29 placed top 25 on oxygen magazine and Fit AF

Cheers to being 30 AF

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