Live Your Best LIFE

I can’t believe just 2 years ago I was in 72k deep in debt due to nursing school and in a career that I wasn’t happy in.

I thought Nursing was going to be my passion until I soon got burnt out on my first year of working in a Med Surg floor. Every day I would continue to look for a new position until 3 years later I landed in MRICU thinking that it would be better. After a year it started to feel the same way. I felt over worked and completely drained. My anxiety increased every year I was a staff nurse 👩🏻‍⚕️ and as I entered those hospital doors I had to take deep breaths to prevent panic attacks. I then decided to go back to school to be a CRNA because I knew being a staff nurse was something I could not see me doing all my life. I never loved school but I felt like it was my only way out until I fell in love with fitness and found an amazing online opportunity to increase my income without having to put myself back into debt. After 2 years in MRICU I finally got the job I always wanted the NICU. Sadly I reached the NICU when I just was completely over nursing. Thankfully I was able to go part time because my fitness business was doing amazing. After 5 months of working part time nursing and working online I was able to completely eliminate my debt April 2016 and June 2016 I took the leap of faith to ✌🏻 out of graduate school and nursing.

Today I am completely free living my best life. No asking my boss for days off. No missing family functions or holidays. Yes it was scary to make a life decision to be my own boss but it has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Stop doubting yourself. Stop being so fearful. Fear is a disability in your life. Kick fear in the ass and be the best you have always wanted to be.

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