Good Bye Bosses

What I love most about online coaching is that although I just landed back home 🏡 I don’t feel miserable to get back to reality.

I use to want to cry 😢 after every vacation because I had to get back to the reality of being a Nurse and working 12 hours. Every time I would get back to my unit I would either be pulled to another floor or had a really bad day.

I notice no one ever wants to go back to work after vacation and I am blessed that I don’t feel like that anymore.

I’m extremely excited to get back to my normal routine and get my girls prepped for our next online bootcamp and coach apprenticeship. Happiness comes when you are passionate and love what you do. I can’t complain about my life. I work from home or anywhere I please on my own time. I can travel anytime of the year without anyone telling me I can’t, my opportunists to increase my income are endless because I am in 100% control and most importantly I can put my health as my number one priority and workout before I start my work day in the comfort of my home.

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