STOP the FAD diets

Diets don’t work boo stop depriving yourself of carbs. You don’t have to say no to bread and pasta all your life. You just have to learn balance, self control and moderation

Carbs are good for you; they provide you the energy you need to survive your crazy long days. Plus they fuel your muscles to give you that lean body you always dreamed of. Don’t you notice how sluggish and hungry you feel when you just consume salads 😂 STOP that it’s not the way to get to your goal. You will be staving and then self sabotage. STOP the FAD diets just because you seen someone else doing it. There temporary results only hard work will get you where you want to be. Trust me that was me so I am completely talking from my personal experience.

STOP wasting your money on a gym memberships by not going and when you go you just get on a trend mill and hit McDonald’s after. That won’t give you the results you want either. Educate yourself on what works for your body or get help. Stop wasting your time and get real results.

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