Why I QUIT Nursing

I feel like a free bird

I get this question very often and feel the need to explain it again.

Why did I leave nursing? I choose to leave nursing because I was no longer passionate to be a nurse. With my 6 years of being a staff nurse in med surg, Mricu and Nicu I completely experienced burn out.

I felt under appreciated and disrespected way too many times. With delicious drug addicted patients throwing water in my face and scratches found on my body for having to tie someone down to the bed to prevent harm I just felt like it wasn’t worth it anymore. The more I walked into those hospital doors the more my anxiety got out of control. I dreaded everyday to go work those 12 hours. I was completely tired of missing family functions and holidays. I was tired of fighting to go on vacation due to seniority. I was tired of being afraid to call in sick because administrators gave 2 shits. They only cared about staffing and numbers. For all the things nurses go through we honestly don’t get paid enough. We risk our lives to save others. We put ourselves in danger by getting in contact with all diseases. We don’t take care of ourselves because we don’t have enough time/sleep to focus on our health.

I wanted to be free and happy. Finally with owning my own health and fitness business online I have freedom. Bring an entrepreneur is not easy but I have Freedom to travel, work on my own time and do what I please. I will never take back the education and years of being a nurse because I learned so much and I am the best health coach because I am a nurse. For those nurses who continue to practice remember you are awesome 😎 and if you feel like I did don’t be afraid to try something else.

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