Being Driven out of experiencing God

It’s truly heart breaking that so many people have been driven away from churches because they are different.

The amount of messages I had in my inbox of similar stories on why they no longer attend church is extremely sad. When someone is driven away from experiencing Jesus it can really make people think is there a God? And it can really drive people away to no longer wanting anything to do with Jesus. Sadly this is not understood by churches. There are supposedly protecting their “sheep” but god loves everyone and god wants all of us to be leaders.

I am a strong woman and this experience has only made me stronger and made me want to voice my opinion on this situation. As I prayed God wanted me to share my story because he knows there are too many people who we’re driven away from experiencing his love. Being driven away from experiencing Jesus is not love. Accepting who people are is love.

I hope those of you who have had a similar experience know that God loves you and you can worship him in your terms and how you want. Be free to be you. Don’t ever let anyone take your uniqueness away from you.

As I said yesterday please don’t inbox me trying to preach to me. I have a different view on the Bible and that’s ok because I have the freedom of thinking how I want to think. It’s an extremely ugly trait to push your views on other people and try to debate a situation. Respect others opinions. Your way is not the only way.

Below is a quote from Oprah as I researched where I should go next I found that the most powerful influential woman in America agrees with what my views are.

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