Don't let anyone tell you that you CANT

The many times someone told me I CANT I DID.

Back in my college years I switched my major from biology to nursing. I was told there was no way I will graduate on time. I was told it was impossible to take my pre-requisite science classes with my nursing classes.

Senior year I was told to drop out of my critical care class mid semester because I had an average 76 when I needed a 77 to pass.

Well Jasyra graduated on time with her friends and ended up with a 98 average in that critical care class and she graduated with a 3.5 grade point average and became a licensed RN.

Working as a Nurse I was told that leaving nursing to be an online coach was crazy that I should definitely give up that dream and just stick with nursing. I stand here 2 years going strong of working for myself.

I was told that I could never eliminate my nursing school loan debt before 30. That it was impossible. Well at the age of 27 I eliminated all 72k of my nursing school loan debt.

I was told this week I cannot be a leader but I have been a leader since I was born. I have been leading a team of ladies to live their best life physically and emotionally. I’m never a follower always had the heart and drive to lead my own tribe to be 100% authentic and true to themselves

No one can tear me down. Stop letting people tell you that you can’t. Don’t let people stop you from achieving your dreams. Silence those haters and those who don’t support you.

You are loved You are capable

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