Be the BEST version of YOU

At the age of 30 I have accomplished so much and I am extremely blessed that I love to hustle and better myself.

My goal in life was to always help others and save lives. I have always been passionate to nurse people to health and feel like I was truly placed on this earth to do so.

So I became a registered nurse in 2010. I have worked as a staff nurse on units like medical surgical, medical respiratory ICU, and the Neonatology ICU. During my years of nursing I was always passionate to continue to learn so I made sure to be the nurse that stood out. So I am also PALS/NALS:ACLS, and CPR Certified.

After 6 years of nursing I felt like I could really change lives in a different way. To finally prevent people from reaching the hospital and limit hospital stays by educated on prevention so then I got into health and fitness while in graduate school to be a CRNA. As I started to better myself I realized fitness was something I wanted to do full time so I took the leap and retired nursing in 2016 after I eliminated 72k of student loans to pursue fitness full time. Within these 2 years I have made sure to never stop learning. I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor for p90x/insanity and a nutritional mentor.

Now I’m all about the Holistic lifestyle and teaching the amazing healing of energy in many ways. I am now reiki level 1 certified soon to be reiki 2 and working on becoming a kundalini and aerial yoga instructor by oct 2019.

Life is always about growth. Never stop learning never stop working towards becoming a better person. I went from scrub pants to yoga pants πŸ™ŒπŸΌliving a life by design and changing the lives of every person I touch ❀️

Ps: I still have all my scrubs, books and stethoscopes from all my years of nursing because you never know when I have to use my skills and save a life. Never forget where your greatness, bold, fearless, relentless self started.

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