Don't so the EGG Diet

Did you see that EGG 🥚 diet circulating around social media?

Lose 24lbs in 2 weeks by just eating eggs and salads. BULLSHIT

You know what I feel about that fad diet? Even though no one asked me I feel like I have to give my educated fitness expert and RN stand on it.

It’s unhealthy and as soon as you finish you will eat everything insight. Why? Because you are depriving yourself.

You are not giving your body the essentials macro nutrients through this diet to really have amazing long standing results.

It’s not teaching you the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Balance !!!! And didn’t even touch on fitness.

COMPLETE HONESTY: Stop fucking being lazy and do it the right way. Choose healthier options and workout.

Stop with the excuses. We all have the same 24 hours. Remember I was a Nurse working 12 hours and in school to be a CRNA. I had no time but I made time. You can too.

I get it you are stressed 😩Work is draining you. The kids are your priority. Don’t forget about you Boo. Get help so you can have time for you. 30 mins a day you got time. Give up Netflix and phone games. You can’t help others without filling up your cup first.

Results below are from working HARD AF. 6 days a week of weight training, cardio and macro counting. You don’t need to follow my crazy plan because I’m actually competing for a magazine but at least workout 3-4x a week for 30 mins. Get rid of the junk food and add in some healthy proteins, carbs and fats.

You got this girl STOP doubting yourself and if you are ready to INVEST in yourself I’m happy to have you join my next online boot camp.

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