Dont take life too seriously

I challenge you to be silly today and post a picture of you with a silly face on your feed or story and tag me ☺️

Me being unfiltered uncensored outside this highlight reel you always see on social media. 🤪

Life is not all about being serious all the damn time or even taking other people serious. If you don’t find time to laugh or be silly life is boring AF.

Don’t give a fu*k about people who talk shit about you. The reason why they are talking crap is because they are jealous and have something they want. If they are trying to bring you down they are below you. My haters is what pushes me to work harder and be better. I have always wanted everyone to like me but in reality I’m not everyone’s cup of tea ☕️ . If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do bit*h you are a fan 😂 and I have so much more for you to be mad about, just be patient 🤣

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