Top Beachbody Coach in Philadelphia

AHHH what a title after 6 years of being apart of this amazing company I am currently the Top coach in the city of Philadelphia. I have dedicated so many years to helping people all over the world on their journey and im so excited that I have hit this milestone.

For those of you who dont know my story. 7 years ago April 2012 to be exact I felt fat, depressed and ashamed filled with Anxiety. My boyfriend now husband kept hinting me to go to the gym but I refused and told him the only way I would go to the gym was if I ate donuts after. My eating habits were horrible only ate 2 times a day with a ton of fast foods and eating late because of my crazy nurse shifts.​One day I woke up and something clicked I guess because I was just fed up of feeling the way I did. I decided to make a change in my life and ordered Insanity which one of my very good college friends told me about. Once I got the program my husband was there pushing me everyday to get it done. I successfully completed the crazy 60 day program and got some good results even though my nutrition still sucked. Im not going to lie it was so hard. I couldn't breathe, rarely could jump or do a push up and I even threw up on my 3rd day. But after the program I felt amazing so decided to keep going and started another Shaun T program with Shakeology, fixed my eating and got better results. When I started drinking Shakeology I noticed a huge difference to my energy levels, immune system and even sleep patterns. I was no longer fatigued and tired during my 12 hour shifts and all my sickness from constant colds went away. It then became addicting and I wanted more for me, my health and body.​I then became a coach because I knew that it would keep me more accountable to my goals because I had people watching me. I started to fall in love with coaching and inspiring other woman to join me. Nursing continued to give me Anxiety and became a huge burden to my life. Walking through those hospital doors gave me panic attacks and I never wanted to experience that ever again. So I decided to work towards the goal of eliminating my debt and retiring Nursing so be able to help more woman like me. Never would I have ever imagined I would be coaching full-time when I started, but I am blessed to be where I am today because I wanted more for my life. I am officially 35 lbs lighter, Nursing school loan DEBT FREE 72K eliminated to be exact, I travel the world often and a Retired Nurse at 27.

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