Why I left Nursing

I worked so hard to be able to hang up my stethoscope and live life for me. That might sound harsh but in all honesty being a nurse was crippling to my mental health. Walking into hospital doors on the beginning of my shift gave me panic attacks and it always felt like I was talking myself out of a ledge. It was hard to not enjoy holidays with my family and all that we sacrifice in those 12 hour shifts like meals or even breaks. Not many nurses open up and really talk about what goes on during our shifts but it’s certainly mentally and physically draining. Something that I couldn’t do all my life. I practiced as a staff nurse for 6 years in medical surgical, medical respiratory intensive care and neonatal intensive care until I decided it’s time to do something that will bring me happiness. It wasn’t easy to make the transition and I sure as hell was scared but April 2016 I eliminated 72k and retired nursing June 2016 at the age of 27. It’s the best decision I have ever made and I am grateful for the strength and hustle that god has given me to succeed. You are capable to achieve anything you set your mind to do so long as you put forth that acton, have patience, be consistent and never give up.

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