Anxiety and Medical Marijuana

Some people give me the side eye 👁 when they find out I use Medical marijuana but I honestly don’t care because this little plant has been saving my life....Halleluyer Its been since March 5th since I started Cannabis for my anxiety, insomnia, bloating, and pain. I’m certainly feeling so much better. It’s been a trial and error on what strains would be good for me as well as dosages but I can say that my sleep is getting better, my anxiety has decreased dramatically and my pain is almost none existent. With being a patient I have learned so much about marijuana. I tend to use stativa or hybrid for the day and Indica always at night since it makes you sleepy. Anyway I’m here to tell you that marijuana is definitely healing and I hope one day the stigma of it disappears. No one has ever died from taking too much marijuana but you can die from Tylenol 🤷🏻‍♀️. The only side effect that I have experienced was feeling a bit too high for taking to much especially with a fatty cheat meal and I learned to NEVER take my night time pill when I eat too much fat lol. Fat and marijuana bind together and your body absorbs it more making the effects way more intensified for me but aside from that compared to the pharmaceuticals side effects I can deal with this. My body is normalizing that I don’t need to take much of anything in the am and now I just mostly take my capsules at night for a uninterrupted good night sleep. PS: I’m not selling anything or picking up anything for you. I’m not a drug dealer 🤦🏻‍♀️. If you have questions about medical marijuana. Google medical marijuana in your state and you will find complete directions on how to get started. If you have a traditional job and get tested you still run the risk of losing your job or getting in some kind of trouble. You can use cbd which is legal and won’t show up on a drug screening test. If your interested in cbd I can help you with that.

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