Being Latina and Fit

Regardless of how healthy I get I’m still Puerto Rican and still love to use Goya products. I was taught to use red top adobo and Sazon in my early childhood days; learning to cook from my mom and Abuela. Once I started my health journey I realized that our Puerto Rican cuisine really is filled with tons of unhealthy carbs, a lot of sodium and hardly any veggies or protein. I wanted to change that but didn’t want to totally get rid of the Puerto Rican taste. If you know what I mean. So now i use the blue top Adobo which is lighter in sodium. I use fresh sofrito or the goya brand and no longer use sazon. It’s a waste; just turns everything orange and has loads of sodium. Here is my little spin to Puerto Rican cuisine Ingredients 4oz lean ground beef 93-95% 1/2 Cup brown rice 1/2 Cup asparagus Directions 1. Broil Lean beef for an hour or until it looks cooked to remove extra fat. Add blue top adobo to water 2. I make my rice in the rice cooker saves time. 3. Once beef and rice are done place in skillet with fresh asparagus and add 2 tbsp of sofrito. For this I use goya brand it has so much flavor. Sprinkle blue top adobo and mix well. Leave cooking for about 5-10 mins and enjoy 😉

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