The importance of Self Care

It’s extremely important to practice self care. I have to admit when life gets busy I slack hard on this. I have been focusing so much on goals that I forget to take care of myself. I already feel the negative effects of putting business 👩🏻‍💻 before me. High anxiety, dark circles and the feeling of burn out. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to take care of yourself and have ME time. We all know life gets crazy with work, kids, marriage whatever and we forget the most important thing to do is care for ourselves so that we can be our best for others. When I feel off balance these are the few things I make sure I add into my routine. 1. Follow a plan on the Bible app 2. Meditate and perform reiki every morning before my workout 3. Workout and eat right 4. Acupuncture one a month and take cbd daily 5. Listen to personal development while driving and read my devotional 6. Journal and express gratitude 7. Relaxing detox bath with my oils, candles, spa music and crystals. Yup I’m a spiritual hippie 😂 8. Enjoy Netflix without checking my phone. Thank you @apple for the screen time shut off 9. Use my @freskincare daily to prevent those wrinkles and keep my skin clear and moisturized. 30% off with code FIT4ARN 10. Get my damn hair and nails done soon. I look a hot mess. Can you tell 😂 11. Sage/plalo santo myself and my house. Negativity be gone ✌🏻 12. Completely get off of social media by 8pm

What’s your fav self care routine?

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