Nursing school vs entrepreneur life

Nursing school vs entrepreneur life . I never expected my life to take this HUGE turn. I honestly thought nursing was it for me. It was a dream I wanted since I was a little girl but I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I loved what I did to help my patients. I enjoyed to see my patients go home healthy, I got a trill on hanging meds, filling up syringes with medicine and helping through intense procedures. I enjoyed seeing the inside of the body and was the first one in the room when there was a code blue, I loved cuddling with my NICU babies and I loved some of my coworkers 😂but I couldn’t tolerate the disrespect from the urban hospital I worked at for 6 years. I tried just about every unit to find my happiness. I worked in Med Surg, MRICU and NICU. I even did overtime and floated to BRONC, SICU, Nuero ICU, BICU, maternity and L&D. I even got into the nurse anesthetist program at La Salle. I was one of 20 that that were chosen for their program. In reality I was just trying to escape bed side nursing. Fitness came to my life when I needed it the most in 2012. It lit a fire under my butt and I knew it’s what I wanted to do. I left nursing June 2016 to pursue my online health and fitness business and today I use my nursing skills to make sure my clients stay out of the hospital. God puts you in situations for a reason and I needed to go through my 6 years of nursing to be the best personal trainer I am today. If your career is not making you feel full filled make sure you take the positive steps to make yourself happy.

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