Adult friendships are HARD

It’s been years since I truly had BFFs that I talk to daily. Growing up as an adult and living your own life really does make friendships hard. After leaving nursing 3 years ago I was completely disconnected to friends. My life consisted of sleep, eat work, workout and REPEAT. . I love my husband to death but I had this huge desire for a women connection. I missed having girlfriends to vent and do fun things with. As I grow into myself and become this warrior women you see I have grown to see I am definitely a feminist. I am all about women empowerment and lifting women up. With this huge shift in my life my hobbies are extremely different than my childhood friends. I’m really into spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, healing crystals, saging the shit out of myself and home, full moon rituals and so much more. I’m so happy I have found BFFs that truly love to do what I love. Extremely blessed

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