The scale is a liar

The scale is a fudging 😂 liar . Stop letting the scale determine your mood. Both pictures I’m weighing 94 lbs but left side I had a higher percentage of fat and hardly any muscle. Today I’m 8% body fat with have packed on more muscle. It’s a myth when people say muscle weighs more than fat. 5 lbs of fat is the same as 5 lbs of muscle but MUSCLE is more DENSE so it looks slimmer. . Forget about your BMI and doctors telling you that you are overweight with that old ass tool probably made up in the BC era. Worry about your body fat percentage. The BMI tool can be extremely inaccurate for someone who is solid muscle. . Do yourself a favor and just focus on YOU. Love the skin your in no matter what. You are freaking beautiful. This is your journey. You are not competing against anyone but your old self. Take things one day at a time and don’t quit. You got this girl

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