Stop living a life of fear

Stop living a life of fear and just fucking do it ✌🏻 . Tell me what thing you have wanted to do but fear stopped you? . I can give you a huge list of things I didn’t do over fear but this year I decided everything I feared I was going to do anyway and I don’t regret putting myself out there. . 1. I feared having my own podcast - Now I’m rated on iTunes. 2. I feared doing my own fitness programs - Now I help 20 ladies each month. 3. I feared creating my own planner - Now it’s releasing Dec 2019 with an overwhelming amount of women wanting to purchase it. 4. I feared creating my own women’s conference - Now I have 7 amazing speakers willing to make this shit happen. 5. I feared getting a half sleeve - Now everyone loves my tattoo and the meaning of it all . See what happens when you silence the fear and just go for it? Just fucking do it

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