21 Vs 31

21 vs 31 . I age like fine wine 🍷. It’s crazy that I honestly looked older in my 20s but I’m not surprised I was so unhealthy. I never went to the gym; at that you had to bribe me to go with food 😂, I ate 2 very unhealthy meals a day and was so dang tired all the time that I would sleep my day away. That’s no way to live. I am glad I stopped that life at the age of 23. . My husband told me this weekend that I’m definitely reverse aging and that made my heart melt. The hard work and investment that I do on the daily for my mind, body and soul really impacts how I am aging. I may spend loads of money on my gym, supplements and food but it’s a better investment than a pair of red bottoms or a concert ticket to see Beyoncé. My priorities are completely different now. My health and body come first and the accessories are just an add on to make me feel and look good. Your body is a temple so fucking treat it that way ✌🏻

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