Post Birth Control Journey Week 1

Week 1 Dec 19th - Dec 25th

My name is jasyra and i am a 31 years old. I was prescribed birth control at the age of 18 years old just to prevent pregnancy. Thankfully I never had any other reasonings to be on BC. Most women are put on BC for many reasons like painful periods, acne, irregular periods and PCOS. After being on the pill i realized i started to have all types of health issues. It started with anxiety when I got diagnosed in nursing school 2009 and was prescribed anti anxiety and anti depression medication. Mental illness runs in my family so i bever questioned this diagnosis. I just thought he my entire family has anxiety so i guess i was bound to develop it. Throughout the years of taking BC I developed anxiety, depression, vagainal dryness, painful intercourse, amenorrhea, insomnia, night sweats, no libido and leaky gut that has made me very sensitive to many foods that I use to eat with no problem and love like chocolate, avocado and peanut butter.

2017 I developed undiagnosed leaky gut that developed into GERD. This is the year where I suffered so much with my stomach. Everything I ate made me sick to my stomach I was either in pain or nausea. I seen 2 different GI doctors and neither even questioned my BC. They both prescribed me anti acid medication, told me to slow down my workouts and sent me home. At least the second GI doctor did perform an endoscopy and took some labs. The procedure showed that I had some irritation and my labs were fine. My stomach ended up healing on its own but i decided to take matters into my own hands and got a sensitivity test done. I found out that I was sensitive to foods that I was eating everyday like chicken, avocado, chocolate, gluten, peanuts, almonds and a whole lot more. I started the elimination process and started to feel better. At this point I just couldn't understand why I was having these health issues when I am in the best shake of my life. I workout 6 days a week and eat pretty healthy 80% of the time. Doctors could not explain to me why either and even my OBYN just said of not getting your peroid is normaly on the pill just use lubrcant to help with sex.

Early 2019 I started to have the stomach issues again but mostly painful bloating that left me with no appetite and very nauseous. At this time I really thought I was pregnant. I put myself on a Gut Cleanse April of 2019 and healed myself again but guess what now i am having the same issues with severe bloating and no appetite after treat meals. Just a few months ago I started to read the book called Beyond the Pill. This book truly opened my eyes and made me realize all my issues are coming from my BC. I am so upset it took me this long to figure this out. It makes me even more mad that none of my doctors even questioned it. All they said to me was you are healthy, young, you work out, you eat right, you are fine. FINE is not the answer for me. I know how I feel and I know I shouldn't feel this way. So i take matters into my own hands again. I am now getting off my pill but being very cautious so that I don't develop any new symptoms. I am tapering down and taking many herbal supplements to help keep my hormones as regular as they can be. I am not going to lie, I am terrified. I feel anxious and overwhelmed; depressed even. I definitely want to curl up and cry. Still angry at myself and doctors. Doctors dismissing my symptoms makes me angry but its important to be you own advocate and question things you feel are not right. I'll be sharing with you all my journey. Trying to be as transparent and real as I can be but this journey is not easy. I pray that I don't have such a hard time as other women who I have talked to. I'll be educating myself more on women's hormones and will be teaching myself how to prevent pregnancy naturally without any contraceptives. I pray that I get my body back. Most importantly i just wish this helps lower my anxiety, helps my sleep without any sleep aids, helps me get my period back, finally enjoy sex again with my husband and eat normal without feeling sick.

If you are wanting to get off your BC before making any decisions please read Beyond the Pill and discuss options with your doctor. Purchase Beyond the Pill HERE


Day 1 No Pill

I am extremely anxious and overwhelmed. I’m feeling sooo down. I wish I could disappear for a bit and just be alone but I promise to be as present as I can through this. To be honest I’m terrified to see how my body is going to react off the pill. I’ll be taking vitamins and many herbal supplements to hopefully support my hormones and control any potential side effects. I have heard many horror stories of women developing PCOS and some other autoimmune disorders. I feel like I never catch a break and I just pray that I don’t develop anymore issues than I already have. I am taking all the necessary precautions and trying to learn as much as I can. Please pray today is not a good day mentally but I still try to hold a smile and keep pushing

Day 2 Pill

Today is the day I take the pill to continue the every other day cycle until I can completely come off. This is hopefully going to prevent or lessen any post pill side effects. Last night I had some weird cramping in my tummy but today I don't feel as low mood. Today shall be a good day 🤞🏼

Day 3 No Pill

Today I woke up with a slight headache and feeling fatigued but can be from my tattoo session yesterday, my stomach has been bloated from treat meals and im not fulling digesting. Hopefully my gut issues resolved after removing the synthetic hormones from my bod. This feels like it's going to be a long journey.

Day 4 Pill

Today I take the pill. 3 more days of the every other day plan. I'm feeling ok with my mood but I am definitely having severe digestive issues with any treats, i feel uncomfortably bloated and feel full all day with no appetite, can't wait until my detox supplements get here to help flush my liver to hopefully heal my gut one last time. I've healed my gut 2x and hopefully this is the last time icne now i know what has completely damaged my gut. That stupic little pill.

Day 5 No Pill

Today is no pill day. I’ve been extremely tired and sleep is truly important to help your body regulate hormones naturally. Yesterday I slept until 2pm but I did have difficulty falling asleep and didn’t go to bed until like 330am. My stomach also hasn’t been my friend. It’s taking so long to digest food when I have treats and then I don’t have an appetite the next day to eat. I honestly can’t wait to get my Gut Health back I don’t even know how it feels to even have a good digestion because I have been dealing with leaky gut for about 2 years now. Today I also decided to stay home and not go to the gym because I wanted to just sleep. I’ve been so low energy with no motivation to workout but I’ll do some cardio here at home because no matter how I feel I can’t just give up working out. It helps me mentally and physically. Hoping for a good day

Day 6 Pill

I am not in the Christmas spirit. I honestly just want to be by myself. Yesterday around 6pm I started to feel anxious for no reason and it lasted for hours. Just wanted to ball out and cry. I just can’t wait to see if my anxiety goes away. It’s the worst feeling in the world. One positive thing is that I have found a natural way to prevent pregnancy while I am healing my hormones. Ill be using a fertility tracker that will track my menstrual cycle and ovulation. Getting pregnant right now is extremely dangerous for me and baby. Can cause miscarriages due to my imbalanced hormones and I don’t need any other bad shit happening to me so I’m being very cautious. Hoping my mood picks up but right now I hide my pain through a smile. It’s truly hard to stay strong after all I have been though but I know as hopeless as I feel right now. I’ll survive this like I have done with all my other struggles.

Day 7 No Pill

Merry Christmas, thankful to have the ability to sleep in because I have been so fatigued and tired lately. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get I still feel tired. My mood is ok today. Still having digesting issues with not a great appetite. I finally received my detox supplements so they should help with my Gut Health. Tomorrow I drop to every 2 day pill for another 7 days. Praying I don’t get any weird symptoms. Right now my only negative symptoms are my stomach, increased anxiety and low moods.

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