Post Birth Control Journey Week 2

Week 2 of getting off my birth control was a bit of a struggle. I did experience one AWFUL day but I am thankful for CBD and Medical Marijauna thats been helping my mood and sleep. I started to take my herbal supplements that will help detox my liver and get rid of any synthetic hormones. I am unsure how long this process will take. I am hearing 4-6 months is the average time but it can also be a year or longer. I am trying to stay patient and as positive as I can be but I just feel so tired and fatigued. I have absolutely no motivation which sucks because its a New Year 2020 and I am just like UGH. My workouts have been truly hard to complete and I feel less stronger than usual but I will continue to push and fight through this journey. I received my fertility monitor and even that tool is confused on what my body is doing. I keep getting fluctuating readings but I am staying hopeful that soon enough my body will regulate itself. It is crazy because as much as I hate having my period in the past I have never been so excited to finally get my period back and know when I ovulate.

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Day 8

I had a great Christmas. Nerf gun wars was a great distraction from the real world. Yesterday I was completely present with my family and was in a pretty good mood. I was definitely tired and sluggish with no appetite but other than that it was a great day. Today starts the every 2 day cycle of my pills and I’ll be starting 3 herbal supplements to help detox my liver and support my hormones. I woke up tired as usual today but I got my ass up for the gym even if my mind was telling me to stay home. I am more productive when I leave out with my husband in the morning vs sleeping in and staying home. Since I started this birth control journey I told myself I was going to go easy with work and really focus more on rest to decrease my stress. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep and overall rest helps regulate my hormones better. Welp that’s all for today. Happy to be on week 2 with no new symptoms.

Day 9

As many times as I tell people not to ask me this question or how many times I post about it for awareness people still don’t listen. Yesterday I got asked a few times when I was going to become a mom. This question right here makes me so fucking mad. Why because there are so many women struggling to have children right now. One in six women struggle to conceive and miscarriages are on the rise. Imagine asking this question to a women who has been trying to get pregnant for months or has had multiple miscarriages? The last fucking question you should be asking is me is when I’m going to be a mom with the health issues that I’m currently having. I would have a miscarriage if I got pregnant right now with my imbalance hormones. Also some couples so decide not to have to children. Not everyone has the dream or desire to become parents so stop asking the fucking baby question.

Okkkkk I’m done my rant but let’s just say as you can see today I am very hormonal and not in a good mode. Don’t be stupid asking me stupid questions that do not pertain to you and is none of your business. What I plan to do with my own body and family is solely my decision. Anyway something new I noticed yesterday I am starting to get some pimples on my face and arms. Hoping for a good day and improvement in my mood. I apologize for my bitchyness 😂

Day 10

Yesterday was a hard day emotionally as you can see from yesterday’s stories. I felt so anxious, angry and sad for no reason. I wanted to cry or scream. I felt like I had no control of my emotions. Good thing is I was alone for hours so thankfully I didn’t take my weird emotions out on my husband because anything was irritating me. I kept myself busy with meal prepping, cleaning and finalizing my cover model challenge. I put myself to bed early and took my medical marijuana to help me go to sleep. My husband got home and I felt so much better with my mood after taking my medicine. Today I am just hoping for a more balanced mood. I am noticing I am bloated even when I don’t eat anything and my breast look like they are fuller 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Day 11

Yesterday I woke up with my pajamas a little damp. That means night sweats, they are the worse. I wake up with chills and sweaty. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often but yesterday I had a great day. My mood made a 360 and I was just so happy to not feel so down like I have felt for the past few days. What I did differently was to be honest use more medical marijuana at night and CBD during the day. I didn’t need much medical marijuana or CBD in the past months so I wasn’t consuming much but now that my body is going through some shit I need it more to at least stabilize my mood. Last night I mistakenly got a little too high but all I did was laugh and it was just a great feeling to be happy. I never want to have the sad and angry day that I had ever again. I didn’t like myself like that and I am thankful I know now what can help me through this hard journey. Today i just feel tired and a little hungover from the mango margaritas but overall a chill relaxing day. Hoping to have another good day.

Day 12

I feel like my libido is coming back which is something I know my husband would be happy about lol. I also noticed some cramping yesterday so maybe I am having some period symptoms but I honestly don’t know since I have not had a period for so long. I received my fertility tracker on Saturday and I’m excited to start using it. I’ll be posting about it very soon and will share my journey with trying to regain my period and learn about my own ovulation. Today I decided to stay home again. Rest has been so vital for me and I just feel like I need more sleep. My husband and I share a car so Monday through Friday I am always up at 630am just to have the car and it’s been dipping into my sleep. I’ve been trying to get to bed early but seriously am having the hardest time getting to sleep. My medical marijuana works but it takes a while for it to take effect because my liver is being overworked with the synthetic hormones. This week I’m going to try my best to just rest as much as I can. Can’t wait to feel energized and motivated again.

Day 13

I feel so tired and fatigued that I decided again to sleep in and skip the gym but I won’t skip my workout. I’ll just workout at home but this has to be the last day that I skip the gym. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get I am just oh so tired which is a common feeling after getting off birth control. I’m still battling with uncomfortable belly bloating, no appetite, and been having slight headaches here and there. I have been taking a huge amount of supplements to continue to detox the birth control out of my symptom. I noticed that my stool and urine are orange color; it might be from the detox shake. Overall thankful that only thing I feel right now is tired.

Day 14

I’m so thankful I have no new crazy symptoms. I had a good relaxing New Year’s Eve. Other than feeling tired, fatigue with no appetite and bloating I’m doing good. CBD is truly helping my mood with thc at night for sleep. I did have to decrease my THC mg because now I’m getting too high at night which is a good thing. It means my liver is responding much better so I don’t need as much as before. I have noticed a few new pimples on my face with extremely dry skin but nothing too drastic. I can deal with that.

Today as usual I woke up crazy tired even with 10 hours of sleep. I plan on having another relaxing day after I get my leg day done in the gym. I am also on day 2 of using my fertility tracker and I am still getting fluctuating results. I can’t wait until I get some type of reading to understand where I am but I know I have to be patient. It will take a while to regain my period. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Especially to those ladies who have checked up on me and those who are learning from journey.

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