Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home

Life can get hectic, and oftentimes we find ourselves traveling or otherwise unable to get to our preferred health and fitness facility for a workout. Adding a workout room to your home can up more than your fitness game. It can also increase the resale value! Even if a potential buyer doesn’t want to use the space for a home gym, simply having flexible square footage can provide good value for your home. We found plenty of Atlanta Houses for Sale with lots of space for an in-home gym. Below we listed easy workouts you can do at home, with or without a home gym.

No Gym Equipment? No Problem.

Start with push-ups. Perfect form is essential when doing a push-up. Start with a variation you can complete with good technique. Second exercise, lunges, start by doing a set of simple back lunges, which help build your buttocks and thighs. Use a wall or chair for balance if needed. Next, squats. The squat works the major muscles in your lower body and helps to shape firm buttocks and thighs. Always perform a squat with your feet hip-distance apart. Your hips should sink behind you as if you are sitting in a chair. Finally, planks. A plank exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and those that support your back. Begin by holding the plank position for 15 seconds. As you get stronger, progress to 30 seconds and eventually 90 seconds.

Have the Room for Gym equipment?

Build a basement workout space. Make good use of a basement bonus room by turning it into a bright home gym. Rubber flooring, overhead lighting, and mirrors will help keep the space open and inviting. Take all that junk out of your attic and turn it into a home gym. We’ve seen boring bonus rooms turned into a home gym that would inspire almost anyone to run. A spare bedroom can become a yoga retreat. A large mirror helps you check your alignment and form. A sizable woven rug soothes bare feet. Be sure there is plenty of wall storage and a rolling cart for yoga essentials.

If you have a garage, you probably have enough room for a home gym. The average home gym only requires around a 10 x 6 ft. space for the most effective workouts and small workout room ideas and that space is often easy to find if you are willing to clean up and maybe move supplies to a shed or storage unit (especially true for larger two-car garages where you have a lot of space to work with). The extra unused space a garage provides makes it one of the most popular home gym ideas around.

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