Post Birth Control Journey Week 9

Week 9 was hard AF my life has seriously been a roller coaster and its been a while since I actually had a good day. I did finish my detox shake and this week I experienced a-lot of cramping and tender breast but no actual period and still have not regained anything that I have lost with being on the birth control. My horn imbalance has taken any ounce of energy and motivation I had. Im just trying to keep myself above water at this time. Praying for better days to come ASAP.

My Week in Review Day 58 Last night I noticed again my breast were tender and I started to have a little cramping but no period just yet. As much as I hated my period with I did have it now I just want it to come back so I know my body is on the right track. It’s definitely the waiting game. Anxiety is still fucking taking over my thoughts and body but I am fighting through and staying strong because I won’t let this take the best of me. I know things will get better o just has to stay positive. I don’t like how low mood i have been so just trying to take things slow and do my best. Day 59 2 night sweats in a row, breast tenderness and a little cramping has been going on for 2-3 days. I might be having my period workout the acutely flow lol but who knows my body is whacko right now. Anxiety has its high and lows mostly high but I’m focusing silt on self care and reminding myself I’m ducking strong and wooo get through this like I have gotten through all my other struggles. I stopped snacking at night and feel like the cravings have stopped but since it is Valentine’s Day hubby wants to go to hooters so we will do that and after this weekend I’ll go super clean until my much needed vacation in the end of next month. The struggles real but I got this Day 60 Woke up with stronger cranks but tolerable. My breast look fuller and Even my husband noticed. No period still but this is a sign my body is repairing and healing. I finished my detox shake so now i just continue to take my herbal supplements and try my best to stay clean eating to not effect my hormones even more. Day 61 Cramping and breast tenderness still lingering but has been tolerable. No period just yet. I never wanted to see my period so bad lol. My mood has been a little better but I’m still always really tired and fatigued. This just seems like this will be a long journey. 4-6 months is a long time to feel like shit but I have no choice but to stick it out. Day 62/63 Been feeling very low nods again just always tired and not feeling myself lately. I miss my energetic self wanting to eat right and workout. Right now I’m the complete opposite of motivation. This shit sucks Day 64 Feeling anxious and hopeless today. Monday night I didn’t go to sleep until like 3am not sure why I had such trouble going to sleep but last night I made sure to take my medicine at 7pm and then I was sleep by 9pm. Just hoping my mood gets better today. I’m just not feeling anything and frustrated with my self.

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